FITS EVERYBODY is an initiative inaugurated in 2022 through which Berwich describes itself in the name of inclusiveness: a clear declaration of intent that places truth at the center of the brand's mission statement. The concept of diversity takes on new meanings, new meanings, it is the distinctive sign of every individual, what characterizes him and is an expression of real added value. It is with this narrative that the talents involved in the project, with their uniqueness and desire to tell their own story, are free to not conform to imposed aesthetic canons. Because 'Berwich is everybody, Berwich fits everybody'.
The images presented on the occasion of the event, taken by photographer Jonathan Santoro, are the story of an inclusive fashion and an aesthetic where the beauty of each person is given by what makes them unique, different: the Berwich trousers dress real people. Fits Everybody is not only a message/project of inclusiveness, but also a commitment that is concrete action in support of the non-profit organization Save The Olives, a non-profit organization active in combating the Xylella Fastidiosa epidemic in Puglia. Berwich chooses to be an active part of a project whose mission is to protect the centuries-old olive trees, a unique heritage in the world and to be able to imagine a new future, not only for Puglia. The brand, with its coherent action, is part of a project that desires an inclusive and respectful society of others.




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